Our candles are made with 100% natural soy wax, pure essential oils, the highest quality fragrance oils, botanicals and intentionally selected gemstones.

We use lead free natural hemp wicks in our smaller candles, and beautiful wood wicks in our crystal candles.

Wood wicks are a little different, and there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you get the best experience from your Crystal Candle.

– Always trim the wick to 1/4″ before lighting.  

– Keep the wick trimmed to 1/4″ before burning your candle.  Nail clippers work well for trimming the wick, or you can simply snap off the burnt tips with your fingers once the candle is fully cooled and safe to touch.  

– The candle will finish burning when the wax level reaches about 1/2″ from the bottom of the jar.

Don’t worry!   This is normal for wood wick candles the very first time you burn them.  Here are 3 steps to ensure a great burn:

1) make sure the wick is trimmed to about 1/4″ long before burning.

2) light the wick and hold the candle at a 45 degree angle for about 10 seconds, so the flame can fully catch on the wood wick.  If the flame goes out the first time you light it, simply light it again and it will burn perfectly every time going forward.

3) enjoy!  

Yes, they are.  It’s important to us to create a candle that not only looks and smells wonderful, but is also free from harmful chemicals.

It is nearly impossible to create a candle with only essential oils for the fragrance that will continue to have a satisfactory scent throw when lit.  With this in mind, we source the highest quality fragrance oils to enhance our beautiful Crystal Candles and combine them with pure essential oils for their energetic and therapeutic benefits.

Please check out our Retailers page to find out where you can buy our candles in your area.

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Our Crystal Candles burn for approximately 40 hours. 

That is completely up to you.  You can either pop the crystal out of your candle before you first burn it, or if you prefer you can leave the crystal in your candle. 

Leaving the crystal in your candle while you burn it will allow the stone to work in synergy with the other elements in your candle to further support your intentions.

Of course, if the crystal in your candle is on the larger size (bonus!), use your discernment and pop it out of the candle before burning.

You can always retrieve the crystal when your candle is fully finished burning (and any remaining wax has completely cooled), when you wash and reuse the jar..  

It’s easy to re-use these handy little jars!  Here’s a step by step guide.

  • First, burn the candle all the way to the end to ensure you get the most out of your beautiful candle.
  • Next, blow out the flame and allow the candle to fully cool.  There will be some residual wax in the jar.
  • Pop the jar in the freezer and allow to freeze overnight.  This hardens the residual wax, making it easier to remove.
  • Take the jar out of the freezer the following day and scrape or pop out the wax using a spoon or kitchen knife.
  • Wash the jar with soap and water and let dry.